Wireless Solutions W-DMX G5 Demo

As more Wireless devices are used on set, the 2.4 GHz frequency spectrum – common to most wireless devices – becomes crowded. No matter how intelligent the adaptivity may be, stronger and data-consuming devices (like Teratek devices) will use the full spectrum, and likely to interfering with the DMX transmission.

Wireless DMX G5 brings two other frequency ranges in the 5 GHz spectrum (5.2 and 5.8), license free, and able to transmit dozens of DMX universes, without getting interference.

The 5th Generation of W-DMX is also able to double-up the number of universes per box (up to 4 universes on the F-2 version), and has a range of up to 2,200 feet (in line-of-sight), and can be extended up to any desired distance, through the use of directional antennas and repeaters.

G5 also features an M10 connector on its side to use with any spigot or other useful rigging clamp.