Vectorworks Spotlight Lab-Intermediate Topics

The Local 728 Vectorworks Spotlight Lab- Intermediate Topics is new for the fall of 2016.

The thing most new and intermediate users ask is, “How can I make my own symbols?” Or, “What symbols are people using in their light plots?”

This class seeks to answer these questions. Intermediate Spotlight Drafting picks up where the ABC Beginners class leaves off, and adds more detailed knowledge on creating and using custom lighting symbols.

To become familiar with lighting symbols: How to copy, create and store symbols.

Upon completion of the class, each student should be able to create their own custom symbols, store them in their personal library file, and create template files.

**As extra credit, students will complete a custom title block symbol, which they can use in their professional drafting work.

The Local 728 Vectorworks Spotlight Users Group is an opportunity for Local 728 members to come together and share ideas on how best to use the Vectorworks Computer Assisted Drafting program. It's a place where you can go to build on your knowledge on how to use Vectorworks, or share some knowledge on how you use Vectorworks. The group is not limited to Dimmer Techs or Programmers and is for anyone who wants to share and improve their Vectorworks skills. This group is intended for people who have experience with the Vectorworks software including the basic Vectorworks Lab and 4-day class.