Dimming and Control for LEDs and Fluorescents

This hands-on class will feature dimming and control equipment and techniques for using LED and Fluorescent lights on a working set.

Topics include:

Remote control of ETC and MA consoles and Luminaire using Wireless DMX.
Show Baby and Chicom Wireless DMX transmitters, receivers, modes, distance, etc.
Programing modes on various LED instruments including ARRI Sky Panels.
ETC d60’s conventional dimmers reliably dimming fluorescent fixtures, as used in practical sets.
DMX 0-10 control and relays.
High PWM frequency dimming of various LED's in led practicals and conventional ribbon, bi color etc.
DMX or manual step up and step down.
Low voltage converters controlling high wattage COB LED’s using batteries and converters for set lighting.

This class will be held on a working set so please plan and dress accordingly. More information, including necessary tools and parking information, will be sent to participants prior to the class date.

Soldering skills are recommended for people who are working in this area. Pl