Lighting Console Programming 201

This class will focus on advanced issues faced by Lighting Console Programmers in complex situations. We will examine the entire process of a programmer that is hired for a large scale project. We will start with the creation of previsualization during pre-production and follow the workflow through rigging, planning & installing the control network, integrating the media server, creating maps & documents for production, working the set, archiving the console & lighting set-ups, and preparing documentation for post-production & re-shoots. Using real-life situations, we will examine how and when to utilize specific technology (wireless DMX, ethernet/fiber distribution, client tablets, etc) that will make every set more efficient and help you become a better programmer. While much of this technology is currently limited to larger budget productions, it is only a matter of time before it becomes commonplace on all of our sets. As the benefits of using this technology is realized and our skills become sharper, the demand for things like previs and digital lighting/media servers will increase. It is up to us to take the initiative to learn the skills now and drive this technology onto our sets and stages. As an example, it wasn't that long ago when many of us thought that we would never need more that 96 dimmers on one set.