LED Rig Walkthrough - "Casual"

Local 728 members KC Illes, Scott Fieldsteel, Ron DePerna, and Armando Ballesteros are opening up their set for Local 728 members to walk through and check out their LED rig for the Hulu show "Casual." The concept of the class is plugging an led in is a little different than plugging in an incandescent. There is stand alone mode, wired and wireless DMX. There is direct control and other modes like studio and hue, saturation and intensity. Additionally there is frequency and types and quantities of LEDs. The rig contains Colorado variable white and RGB. ETC, Selador luster + both D60 par and Profile light, Chroma Q color force 12, and MAC quantum moving head led wash light. Anydyne punch and jab, LiteGear bicolor with DMX and hand dimmers and Cush Light 4x4 with their dimmers. When not on manual control it is under Luminair by synth fx. on iPhone or Grand MA2 on pc. Wireless control is Shobaby for the punch units and wireless dmx for rest.

This is an excellent opportunity to get see first hand how this equipment is being used to it's fullest extent.

Class size is limited and sign-ups are required.