Class Catalog

480V Power Systems
Automated Lighting Rigging
Car Mounts and Process Trailers
Electrical Systems Planning & Location Scouts
Electrical Systems Rigging (Rigging 101)
Grounding and Bonding Portable Generators
Knots, Rope, and Traditional Rigging
Overhead Rigging 101
Overhead Rigging: Chain Motors; Truss; and Weight Distribution
Rigging and Electrical Math Workshop
Rigging for Automated Lighting
Rigging For Wet Locations
Vehicle Lighting for Non-Traditional Cameras
Wire Rope Rigging
Adv. Soldering Lab
Balloon Lighting Technician - Skylight/Sourcemaker
Best Boy Seminar
CHAOS Visual Productions Demo
Followspot Operation
HMI Lighting Technician
HMI Technician: Ballast Function
HMI/Short Arc Lighting Seminar
LED Assembly Technician (2 Day Class)
Moving Light Seminar
Soldering Workshop 2
Soldering Workshop I
Advanced Rendering and Lighting Techniques for Vectorworks
Vectorworks Spotlight (4 day Class)
Vectorworks Spotlight 101
Vectorworks Spotlight 102
Vectorworks Spotlight 103
Vectorworks Spotlight 104
Vectorworks Spotlight Lab-Basic Topics
Vectorworks Spotlight Lab-Intermediate Topics
Balloon Lighting
Airstar Lighting & Grip Balloon Seminar
Balloon Lighting Technician - Airstar
Balloon Lighting Technician - Cloud
Balloon Lighting Technician 101
Balloon Lighting Technician 102:Advanced Skills
Lighting Consoles & Media Servers
ArKaos Media Server Demonstration
EOS Series Lighting Consoles (ION & GIO)
EOS Series Lighting Consoles (ION & GIO) - Advanced
EOS Series Lighting Consoles (ION) 2 Day Class
EOS Series Lighting Consoles (ION) 3 Day Class
EOS Series Lighting Consoles (ION) Expert Topics
GrandMA 2 Lighting Console Programming
GrandMA 2/dot2 Lighting Console Demos
GrandMA Lighting Console Programming
Ion Lighting Console Tutoring
ION/GIO Lighting Consoles (3 Day Class)
Lighting Console Programming 101
Lighting Console Programming 201
Lighting Console Programming 201B - Whole Hog 4
Media Servers & Digital Lighting
Media Servers 101
Pixelmapping & Media Servers
Programming for Multi-Camera
V676/476 Control Consoles
Whole Hog 3 Lighting Consoles
Whole Hog 4 Lighting Consoles (2 Day Class)
DMX & Network Protocols
ArtNet/Streaming ACN
ArtNet/Streaming ACN/RDM (Lab)
DMX Networking 101
DMX Networking 101B
DMX Networking Open Q&A
Ethernet for Lighting Control (Lab)
Ethernet Protocols 101
Remote Device Management (RDM)
Wireless DMX
Wireless Solutions W-DMX G5 Demo
Body Maintenance & Injury Prevention Seminar
Codes and Standards Seminar
ETCP Study Group
Lighting For the ALEXA Camera
REDucation: Lighting for Red with Digital Sputnik
Safety Rights of Workers / Your Rights Under OSHA
Stress Busting 101
Test Taking & Certification Prep Seminar
Why Unions Still Matter
LED & Digital Lighting Technology
Digital Lighting Technician
LED Assembly Technician 101
LED Assembly Technician 201
LED Rig Walkthrough - "Casual"
LED Technician Seminar
Soldering Lab for LEDs
Dimming Technology
Dimming and Control for LEDs and Fluorescents
Dimming Technology 101A
Dimming Technology 101B
Electrical Power Lab 101
Electrical Power Lab 201
Electrical Power Sources
Electrical Rigging Calculations
Electricity 101A
Electricity 101B-Electrical Calculations
Electricity 201A
Computer Skills Classes, Local 728 Sponsored
ESP Vision
Macintosh Computer Skills: "I Have Turned the Damn Thing On... Now What?!"
Plotting, Visualization, and Archive
Spreadsheets 101A
Spreadsheets 101B
Fixture Technician 101A
Fixture Technician 101B
Underwater Lighting
Underwater Lighting I: Dive Skills and Techniques
Underwater Lighting II: Equipment & Techniques
Underwater Lighting III: Challenging Environments and Monkey Diving
Underwater Lighting IV: Lift Bags and Heavy Equipment